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Manual Seat Swivel

An easy-to-use swivel chair is offered as standard. At the flick of a lever, the chair can be manoeuvred into the 45deg or 85deg position, and back again, to allow for safe and easy access to and from the stairlift.

Folding Armrests, Seat & Footrest

Our Stairlifts feature folding armrests, seats and footrest, and for those customers who may find bending down to lift the footrest difficult we have a novel inexpensive option to help, a linked footrest.

Folding Hinge Tracks

In situations where the stairlift track might obstruct a doorway or passageway such as at the foot of the stairway, a folding (hinged) section of the track may be supplied as an option. An ingenious design places all of the required moving components neatly and unobtrusively within the folding section of rail.

Stairlift Platforms

Where there is a short bend, or fan, at the head of the stairway, we have the option of fitting the Multi-Flight Stairlift. Also, where there are only a few steps in the bend to negotiate, a manual or electrically operated Bridging Platform can be a more attractive option.